About Grid



GRID is a technically oriented group of engineers and architects founded in 1992 to serve in the fields of infrastructure, architectural, interior design and project management.
GRID, after gaining the needed experience started to get involved in international projects within the Arab world. By the beginning of the new millennium, GRID started to form a strategic partnership with several esteemed international firms in Europe. GRID now is the exclusive partner and representative of:
AS+P (Albert Speer and Partners) Frankfurt, Germany
In the field of urban and strategic planning and architecture
JBI (Julius Berger International) Wiesbaden, German
Infrastructure design and project management
ILEX Lyon, France
Landscaping and gardening
Bit To Atoms Lyon, France
Historical architecture and interior design
Abbeyfield Morgen Stern Singapore, Singapore
Engineering IT and Technology Solution

Fields of work :

  • Urban strategic planning 
  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Landscape
  • Infrastructure
  • Project management 

Our Profile:

GRID Profile