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Along with enjoying a rich history, visioning a contemporary renovation of the park would sustain it as a regional focal point. The proposal is seeking the inclusion of rare fish breeds and plant types alongside the continuous circulation of pathways, entertaining locals as well as foreigners into becoming an international hotspot park. An open educational scheme would draw the attention of users from the outdoors inwards, having a better functioning farm and educational centers that would help collect investors' donations. Having natural materials at hand would present a warm inviting environment

Cairo 2020 Stadium

Designed by AS+P whereas Grid has been participating as the local partner and consultant. The Olympic Games Concept for Cairo 2020 takes full advantage of Cairo's existing infrastructure while likewise seeking to optimize the current urban fabric. The focus is on achieving a long-term legacy for the city and at the same time minimizing construction costs and environmental impact. Celebrating the Olympic Games in Cairo's extraordinary and world-famous settings will create an inspiring backdrop against which the Olympic Family and spectators around the globe will enjoy a truly memorable experience. The compact nature of Cairo's Games Concept will meet the highest standards and enhance the operational efficiency of this mega-event.

Kairo Platz

Kairo Platz

Mid Games 2017

Designed by AS+P whereas Grid has been participating as the local partner and consultant. The Mediterranean Games Alexandria 2017 concept rests on a Twin venue Cluster concept that ensures a harmonious blend of history and the present. The two clusters are significantly different and optimally linked. Each is compact and provides the highest quality facilities, be it in newly built venues or existing stadiums and halls. The optimized traf c connections between the two clusters ensure athletes, the Mediterranean Games Family, and spectators all enjoy pleasant, minimal travel times between the individual venues and to and from the Mediterranean village. Existing sports venues have been meaningfully incorporated into the concept and offer high-grade training facilities for the athletes participating in the Mediterranean Games Alexandria 2017. The twin clusters of "Borg El-Arab sports City" and "Alexandria City" will be home to a total of 29 venues.